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New YearThe first month of the New Year is always a time of reflection and goal setting here at Fireside Production.  We gather as a team to look back at the successes and lessons of the past year – and to review our personal and professional goals for the coming months.  I think it is extremely powerful share your hopes and goals… defining them, speaking them aloud is motivating in helping to make your goals reality.

As Fireside moves into its 10th year, I’m looking forward to growing our team.  We will be adding another videographer/editor and eventually, another producer… which will improve shoot availability for our Clients.  Of course, as you grow, ensuring quality is foundational.  We’ll work hard to make sure each member of the Fireside team lives our four Core Values:  Create Experiences, Think Strategically, Bring Spirit! and Make An Impact.  These values truly guide everything that we do at Fireside Production – from the way we interact with our Clients and each other to how we approach that first quote for a new project.

One of our great accomplishments of the past year is how we made an impact in our MAKEANIMPACT-01 (1)community.  In 2014, Fireside Production provided nearly $41,000 in donated and discounted video production services to our non-profit Clients.  That’s a nearly 160% increase in in-kind services from the previous year.  You can bet Fireside will continue to Make An Impact to support this great community in which we live and work in 2015.  We hope you’ll consider Fireside Production when planning your video marketing needs for the year to come.

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kalaMy name is Kala Montoya and this fall, I joined the Fireside Production team as the new Production Assistant.  It has been a whirlwind to become a part of this incredible team, and I cannot wait to see what 2015 brings our way!

I am a Packer-loving Cheese-head who now calls Denver home.  I have always had a passion for writing and storytelling, which is what led me to pursue a degree in Journalism.  I’m thrilled to extend that passion to a new platform – video.  I love seeing a story, initially as a vision, and watching the Fireside process unfold to really bring it to life.  I have enjoyed meeting our Clients so far and hearing your unique stories!

When I’m not busy at work and school, I like to get outdoors and spend time with my husband and fur-babies.  Sports have always been a huge part of my life… whether its running, snowboarding or hiking.

I look forward to working with each and every one of you and hope to meet you soon!

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Brooke BenhamBy: Brooke Benham

If you could save a life, would you?

By donating blood with Bonfils Blood Center you will.  It only takes about an hour, and a single donation has the power to save up to three lives.  Did you know 50% of Bonfils’ donors give blood just once a year?  If all donors gave at least twice a year it would help prevent blood shortages and ensure that the community blood supply is always available for the one in seven patients entering a hospital who will need it.

If volunteering in your community is on your list of resolutions this year, you can meet it by easily giving life and recruiting others to give too.  January marks the celebration of National Blood Donor Month and is a great opportunity to make a lifetime of difference.  The winter months are a challenging time for Bonfils to maintain a stable community blood supply due to changing weather, busy holiday schedules and increased cold and flu symptoms increasing the need for healthy donors.

If you are in good health, now is the time to share that good health and good fortune with patients in need.  As a thank you for your generous gift, those who give blood now through January 17, 2015 will receive a warm Bonfils knit hat.  So keep your head warm and show a little heart by scheduling your appointment today at www.bonfils.org.  There are other ways to give to Bonfils too.  Learn more about making a financial gift or becoming a potential marrow donor to save lives.

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Editing with MusicThroughout my news career, I always cherished those rare opportunities to edit a news story to music.  These were rare instances for sure but now and then, a feature story would come up that allowed a little musical soundtrack.  Today, in my professional video production life, nearly every piece we do is edited to music.  Through nearly a decade of editing hundreds of videos with music at Fireside Production, I would like to share some tips and observations.

Tip #1 – Find the right track!  Music is very subjective. The important thing is to find music that fits the story and your target audience.

Tip #2 – Music is not just for the background.  I like to treat music the same as any other element in the video. For instance, if the music changes pace at a critical place in the script, bring it up full and let the audience feel it.  Let the music dictate the beginning of the video with a video montage.  In other words, don’t just lay it down in the background and forget about it.

Tip #3 – When you work with as much music as we do, finding new and fresh cuts can be a huge challenge and often time consuming.  Find the sites you like to work with and constantly listen.  Keep track of music… and more importantly, artists you really like.  Some sites offer playlists for favorite tracks. That’s a great thing – when you find a really good one!

I would love to hear more tips on choosing music for editing.  Please share your tricks of the trade!

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CGD 2014_Master(WORKING)Colorado Gives Day is Tuesday, December 9th.  As a native of this great state, Colorado Gives Day makes me especially proud.  It’s inspiring to see people from our small mountain towns to our farm communities and cities along the Front Range – collectively commit to strengthening our non-profits.  Colorado Gives Day is a statewide movement centered on 24 hours of online giving… and it is so easy.  Just visit www.ColoradoGives.org to donate to a cause that you care about – or to several!

Fireside Production has been honored to capture events surrounding Colorado Gives Day for Community First Foundation for several years.  The message to Give Where You Live resonates with our team.  Our state’s non-profit organizations touch our communities in so many ways and Colorado Gives Day is one day, one way – twe can support their work where we live.

Give Where You Live Colorado Gives Day

When you give this Colorado Gives Day, we hope you’ll consider visiting the donation pages of these amazing organizations… Fireside Production has been grateful for the opportunities this past couple of years to promote their messages and missions – and is proud to support their work.

Tell us why YOU Give Where You Live and which organizations you’re supporting this Colorado Gives Day!

The Adoption Exchange

Arapahoe/Douglas Mental Health Network

Aurora Mental Health

Bluff Lake Nature Center

Bonfils Blood Center

Civic Center Conservancy

Clothes to Kids of Denver

Community First Foundation

Colorado Fourteeners Initiative

Colorado Vincentian Volunteers

Colorado Youth at Risk

Denver Urban Scholars

Doctors Care

Dumb Friends League

Family Promise of Greater Denver

Foundation for Global Scholars

Girl Scouts of Colorado

Inter-Faith Community Services

Junior League of Denver

Kavod Senior Life

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The Limb Preservation Foundation

Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado

Mental Health America of Colorado

Mi Casa Resource Center

Mile High United Way


National Jewish Health

Peer Assistance Services

Seeds of Hope

Stout Street Foundation

The Arc of Aurora

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Example with some exposure adjustment & photo editing

Example of exposure adjustment and photo framing.

The holiday season signals the start of many things: wintery weather, crowded stores and eggnog.  It’s also the season of photography… many of us now have cameras on our phones, and we document our seasonal get-togethers so we can enjoy the photos and memories in coming years.

However, just because most of us are amateur photographers with small camera phones doesn’t mean we have to settle for poor-quality photos.  There are a couple of things you can do to get the most out of your impromptu photo sessions.

"Fist of Fury"

“Fist of Fury”

1. Use the entire frame.  When you compose your shot, look to see if you’re making the most of the available space on your screen.  Don’t leave huge gaps over peoples’ heads and keep your subject as the primary focus of your picture.

 2. Camera phones automatically adjust the focus and exposure of your photo.  On most of them, you can tap the screen and the phone will calibrate the rest of the photo.  This will help ensure grandma’s smile sparkles in pictures just like it does on Christmas morning.

Use these simple tips, combined with the simple features on your phone (panoramic photos, simple editing software), to make the most of your holiday memories.  If you have more tips, please share!

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webinar 3Businesses often have a lot of video content to publish, and it can sometimes be overwhelming to determine which platforms to use to be most successful.  Lately, there have been quite a few studies on which offer the best return on investment when it comes to publishing and distributing videos.  I’d like to share some information I’ve gathered to help.

1. Video content is popular for lead generation.  This finding from Content Marketing Institute shows 76% of surveyed B2B marketers use video as their core content choice for their digital marketing strategy.

2. YouTube is the platform of choice.  The same report found 72% chose to post videos to YouTube for lead generation and brand visibility.

3. Business pages are posting/sharing more video on Facebook.  This is the #1 Facebook trend… a great platform for businesses to educate, engage and entertain.  If you upload video directly to Facebook, it now has metrics that show video consumption – like auto-play vs. click to play, length of play of video, etc… Although this is a nice feature, I still recommend sharing it directly from YouTube.  You can read more about my thoughts on this here.

4. LinkedIn is still the number one place for B2B content distribution.  Several studies have found LinkedIn to be the top choice for business to business interactions - with Twitter and Facebook just behind.

5. YouTube is the strongest social network when it comes to introducing new products to the consumer.

These studies show that it’s vital to have video as part of your brand strategy.  I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on content distribution… please share!

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Making the most of your video investment these days usually involves a smart online strategy. You have to share and promote your video to see a return on investment. I am a YouTube advocate. I feel a great online strategy starts with loading your video to YouTube, optimizing it well – that means adding a title, compelling text and meaningful tags – and then, sharing.
If you haven’t posted to YouTube before, Fireside Production created this short video how-to with tips to…

  • Create Your Channel
  • Post Your Video
  • Optimize Your Video & Your Channel
  • Start Sharing

Getting Started on YouTube:

Be sure to share your ideas for navigating platforms – like YouTube – and your successes in sharing your videos online. We’d love to hear!

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tom edit blockThankfully, there are times here at Fireside Production when we are loaded to bear with projects.  This is a great problem to have but can also create the equivalent of writers block in the edit process.  Each video we produce must be as good as it can be.  So, how do you push through when the edits are not coming naturally?

My first step is to hit a home run in the field.  What I mean by this is to understand your project while you are on the video shoot. Always capture the basics but start to plan how the project might come together.  Creating this blue-print in the field can make life much easier in the edit process – even if the project takes an unexpected turn.  Changing a plan is always easier than starting from scratch.

Second - and this may sound corny - but I edit from the heart.  The script in front of you is the guide, but you have to put feeling into what you are doing.  I’m always on the look out for opportunities to make magic in the edit - whether it’s adding natural sound or capitalizing on a dramatic spot in the music.

Lastly, lean on your friends or co-workers.   Sometimes, a second or third pair of eyes can add perspective or fresh ideas.  The more creativity the better!

When the edit frenzy hits, it can be overwhelming.  Just take a deep breath and try these strategies… then hopefully, your project will be a huge success.  If you have other tips, I would love to hear them!

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Tom & Eric using a Slider

Tom & Eric using a Slider

Fall is already in full swing… the leaves are changing, natural beauty is abundant and the holiday season will be upon us before we know it.  The next three months will be filled with opportunities to capture great video moments.

So what can you do to make those moments stand out?  I’m a big fan of incorporating a Slider to make video extraordinary.  A slow and steady movement in any direction adds an elegant, high-end quality to otherwise ordinary shots.

Here are three tips on using a Slider:

  • The Slider works best when you use is on wide shots.  It’s quite difficult to keep a tight shot framed and in focus while moving.
  • Keep something in the foreground.  This gives perspective and accentuates the movement.
  • Slow and steady is key.  Moving too quickly or at irregular intervals will only distract the viewer.

Never be afraid to incorporate a new skill.  You can’t have too many tools in your toolbox. Be sure to ask Fireside Production what a Slider can do for your next video!

Check out this video Fireside Production created using a Slider to see this tool in action.

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